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In the left hand menu you will find the courses offered by the PhD School of SCIENCE.
The courses are divided in terms of the departments which offer them. You will find both specialist and generic courses.

Signing up for courses

Before you sign up for courses, you must login using the link in the top right-hand corner: 

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!It is important that you use the same KU ID as to PhD Planner so the courses will be transferred correctly to your PhD planner profile!
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First time registration: You will be registered as a user, when you sign-up for your first course. Find the course in the course catalogue, press the button “Enroll” , enter your email address and fill in the registration form. See also “How to log on ” 

If you are not forwarded to the registration form after entering your email, it means that you are already registered in our system. Please go to 'Log in for others' to continue the registration.

Confirmation of admission to a course

Please note, that you are not admitted to a course until you have received confirmation from the PhD administration at the department stating that you are accepted on the course.

Log in and manage your enrolments

You can manage your course enrolments by logging into the course catalogue. You can see your passed courses, upcoming courses etc. in your course portfolio. If necessary, you can also cancel registrations. Learn how here

Need to cancel a course enrolment?

Up until the enrolment deadline, you can cancel your course enrolments by logging into the course catalogue. Learn how here   

Fee for participating in the courses

You will find the course fee on the individual course description. The PhD School at SCIENCE is part of the Open Market-agreement.

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Course calendar
See which courses you can attend and when

Publication of new courses
All planned PhD courses at the PhD School are visible in the course catalogue. Courses are published regularly.