Human Brain Stimulation
Provider: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Activity no.: 3246-17-00-00 
Enrollment deadline: 28/02/2017
Date and time13.03.2017, at: 00:00 - 17.03.2017, at: 16:00
Regular seats23
Course fee5,160.00 kr.
LecturersAnke Karabanov
ECTS credits3.30
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Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserPhD administration     E-mail address:

Aim and content
This course is free of charge for PhD students at Danish universities (except Copenhagen Business School). Special rules apply for research year students enrolled at Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at UCPH. All other participants must pay the course fee.

Anyone can apply for the course, but if you are not a PhD student, you will be placed on the waiting list for the course until enrollment deadline. After the deadline of enrollment, available seats will be allocated to students on the waiting list.

Course title

Learning objectives
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

1. Acquire detailed knowledge about the biophysical basis of brain stimulation
2. Understand the basic principles behind the major brain stimulation techniques
3. Compare the different scientific and therapeutic uses of the major brain stimulation techniques and their shortcomings
4. Learn how brain stimulation is integrated with other neuroscientific techniques

This PhD course provides a systematic and comprehensive overview over current brain stimulation techniques, highlighting their neuroscientific and therapeutic potential. The students will be introduced to the various stimulation techniques (e.g. optogenetics, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial current stimulation, deep-brain stimulation) and will gain in-depth knowledge about the basic biophysical mechanisms and the most commonly used neuroscientific and therapeutic stimulation techniques. Theoretical lectures will be complemented by practical sessions and demonstrations. The course will consist of introductory lectures in the morning (three to four lectures per day), followed by a student presentation of the lecture highlights and supervised practical exercises and demonstrations based on different brain stimulation techniques in the afternoon.

PhD students (medicine, neuroscience, psychology, engineering, humanities) interested in neuroscience and brain related diseases. No specific qualifications required.

Relevance to graduate programmes
The course is relevant to PhD students from the following graduate programmes at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH:

Medical and Molecular Imaging


Lectures and group work in the morning and workshops with practical exercises in small groups in the afternoon.

Course director
Anke Karabanov, PhD (Senior Researcher,
Hartwig R. Siebner , MD (Professor,
Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR),
Centre for Functional and Diagnostic Imaging and Research,
Hvidovre Hospital - University of Copenhagen

Hartwig Siebner (Professor, DRCMR), Axel Thielscher (Associate Professor, DTU), Leo Tomasievic (Post-Doc, DRCMR), Virginia Conde-Ruiz (Post-Doc, DRCMR), Anke Karabanov (Senior Researcher, DRCMR), Mitsuaki Takemi (Post-Doc, DRCMR), Til Ole Bergmann (Senior Researcher, Tuebingen), Damian Herz (Post-Doc, Oxford), Duda Kvitsiani (Associate Professor, Aahus)

13th - 17th of March 2017

Course location
Hvidovre Hospital

Please register before February 28th 2017

Seats to PhD students from other Danish universities will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and according to the applicable rules.
Applications from other participants will be considered after the last day of enrolment.