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Architecture, Landscape and Gender: Rethinking Theory, Methodology and Practice
Provider: Faculty of Science

Activity no.: 5456-21-05-32 
Enrollment deadline: 08/10/2021
PlaceDepartment of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management
Date and time17.10.2021, at: 16:00 - 08.11.2021, at: 16:00
Regular seats24
ECTS credits2.00
Contact personHenriette Steiner    E-mail address: hst@ign.ku.dk
Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserSvava Riesto    E-mail address: svri@ign.ku.dk

Workshop I:
28 October 2021 Evening lecture by international guest lecturer.
29 October 2021 A full-day programme including 1) mutual introduction and mapping the participants’ main research concerns 2) exercises to empower Phd-students, focusing on research networks and inclusive excellence, 3) begin work on reflection paper, 4) Lecture on Landscape, Gender and Architecture by course teachers and guest teacher. (workload: 1 day workshop, 1 day preparation)

Individual and group work: 18 October-8 November: students work individually and in groups on course literature. Individual mentoring sessions. (workload: 3 days)

Workshop II:
26 November 2021 A full-day programme including reading groups, 3) workshop Writing academic texts differently, 4) seminar: developing research positions, 5) social event and exhibition visit (workload: 1 day)

Individual and group work 29 October-6 December Students work on Reflection paper, which must be handed in no later than 6. December. (workload:4 days)

The reflection paper to document and reflect on what each student learns during the course. This meeting will be held at the Frederiksberg Campus of the University of Copenhagen. After the course, each participant will write up and submit an individual reflection paper. The meeting will be held at Copenhagen University’s Frederiksberg Campus.

Aim and content
Questions concerning gender are increasingly prevalent in contemporary scholarship and in political movements for justice and equal rights, tapping into wider questions about diversity, inclusive research environments, democracy, climate change, digitisation and more. In this course, we will explore the potential of working with gender perspectives in research on architecture, landscapes and cities where gender perspectives compel us to rethink fundamental methodologies, theoretical concepts, research questions and pedagogical methods. Questioning gender also compels us to question the political and affective implications of research and even the role of the researcher. A growing amount of scholarship in fields related to architecture, landscapes and cities explores questions of gender in a variety of ways. Some examples include studies of overlooked women in historical and theoretical writing on architecture, which is still predominantly engaged in the creation of male hero figures; cultural perspectives on women, LGBTQ communities and other marginalised groups as users, co-producers and agents in architecture; and scholarship which draws on queer and feminist thinking to transgress binary concepts and destabilise anthropocentric perspectives. What brings these perspectives together on this PhD course, however, is that gender issues are not just related to economic ability or power, but are always also situated in relation to concrete spatial and physical contexts.

Target group
This PhD course invites students from landscape architecture, architecture, urbanism, urban planning, heritage studies, art history, geography, cultural studies, urban history, political ecology, and related fields to exchange knowledge and learn from each other regarding questions of gender in relation to architecture, cities and landscapes.

Pedagogical Formats
The course is structured as a PowerPoint-free zone, with dialogical workshops and shared learning tailored to the needs of the student group as well as to individual development.

International guest lecturer to be announced. Teachers: Associate professor Svava Riesto svri@ign.ku.dk and Associate professor Henriette Steiner hst@ign.ku.dk

How to Apply?
We invite applications from PhD candidates from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, also students for whom gender issues have not been a main concern of their research until now.
Candidates should apply by sending both a CV (1-2 pages) and a 500-word research statement outlining how your research pairs with the course’s focus to Svava Riesto svri@ign.ku.dk or Henriette Steiner hst@ign.ku.dk no later than 13 August 2021. The Course is open for 20 participants.

The fee - covering food, drinks and course materials - will be calculated when we know that COVID-19 restrictions on physical teaching will be lifted.

For questions about payment, enrollment and more, contact clerical officer Viktorija Wedersøe vw@ign.ku.dk

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