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Responsible Conduct of Research: A case-based workshop for postdocs and assistant professors
Provider: Faculty of Science

Activity no.: 5253-21-03-02 
Enrollment deadline: 13/09/2021
Dyrlægevej 100, 1870 Frederiksberg C
Date and time17.09.2021, at: 09:00 - 13:00
Regular seats30
Contact personRCR sekretærgruppe    E-mail address: RCR@ifro.ku.dk
Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserPeter Sandøe    E-mail address: pes@sund.ku.dk

Aim and content
Breaches of responsible conduct of research (RCR) are harmful. They undermine the trust in scientists as well as the trust in the validity of scientific knowledge. They are also harmful to society by enabling inferior solutions and by wasting resources. It is of highest importance to avoid misconduct and questionable research practices, and to steer a course of research integrity. However, since there are both many grey zones and many dilemmas, a simple rule book approach will not suffice. Instead, you need to develop your ability to tackle cases as they occur. In this workshop, we wish to equip you to this by providing a short overview of the pitfalls and by discussing a number of specific cases in order to stimulate reflection and awareness of the complexities of conducting responsible research.

Purpose of workshop
This workshop intends to make you aware of the many aspects of RCR, including grey zones and dilemmas, via discussion of specific cases so that you become better equipped to deal with RCR issues that you meet in your research. The cases will call attention to multiple aspects of potentially questionable research practices and help you to navigate in a highly competitive environment while still maintaining an ethical perspective.

Target group
The workshop is intended for postdocs and assistant professors, and is mandatory for all postdocs and assistant professors employed at the University of Copenhagen after the 31st of April 2021. Potential participants from outside the faculty will be rejected.

Learning objectives
You will learn to appreciate the importance of research integrity, and the principles by which to stay clear of research misconduct, questionable research practices and other problematic ethical behaviours related to your field of research. You will be able to better identify the external factors that may corrupt your moral compass or the moral compass of your colleagues. You will be able to refer to codes and procedures formulated at international, national, university and disciplinary level, and thus be able to serve as a good colleague and role model for others in your research environment.

Requirements and expectations
There are no prior requirement to this workshop.

Format of the workshop
4h in total: 1h introduction and overview; 1h group work; 2h debrief and discussions.

• A short introduction to RCR and an overview of how violations of RCR are handled in Denmark.
• Group work on model cases. Cases touch upon issues such as:
o Authorship
o Research misconduct and questionable research practice
o Data management
o Conflicts of interest
o Transparency and reproducibility
o Research collaborations and external funding
• Discussion of cases and future developments in the area.

There are no additional assignments to this workshop.

Each course has no more than 30 participants. The course is offered 3-5 times a year.

Course responsible
Professor Peter Sandøe, Department of Food Resources and Economics.

The course takes place at the Faculty of Science. Further information is provided by the course administration.

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