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Advanced Presentation Techniques (Online)
Provider: Faculty of Science

Activity no.: 5008-23-00-03There are no available seats
Enrollment deadline: 19/04/2023
Date and time02.05.2023, at: 09:00 - 09.05.2023, at: 16:00
Regular seats8
Course fee8,125.00 kr.
ECTS credits2.00
Contact personDitte Balder    E-mail address: ditte@global-denmark.dk
Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserDitte Balder    E-mail address: ditte@global-denmark.dk
Written languageEnglish
Teaching languageEnglish
Semester/BlockBlock 3
Block noteNote that this course is split into two 1-day blocks, delivered one week apart: Block one: 02-05-2023 Block two: 09-05-2023 To join the waiting list send an email to ditte@global-denmark.dk

Please note that participants are required to cover all costs pertaining to this course themselves. This applies to all PhD students across all universities and departments.

Exam formParticipation in entire course
Grading scalePassed / Not passed
Criteria for exam assessmentActive participation required


Expand your comfort zone and create value for your audience

This two-day presentation course will expand your comfort zone when presenting and will enhance your presenting skills.

The course focuses on how to
• take leadership of your presentations – and enjoy them
• ensure your listeners remember the key points of your talk
• design visual aids (e.g. slides)
• add structure through rhetorical tools and phrases
• engage in valuable interaction with your audience, e.g. when responding to questions
• use your voice and body language effectively
• deal with nerves before and during presentations
• give constructive feedback on colleagues’ presentations

The course is open for PhD students and other researchers from all areas.
You are expected to prepare a five-minute oral presentation for the course (e.g. in a scientific conference style, lecture style, or business/funding pitch style). Your target group is interdisciplinary, i.e. researchers from all fields.

You will give two 'complete' presentations, one on each day of the course. In addition, you will practise doing one-minute pitches, improvising talks, and dealing with questions.

Learning outcome
You will gain knowledge and skills that enhance
• your confidence when preparing and giving presentations
• the positive impact of your presentations
• your interaction with the audience
• your visual aids
• your ability to learn through feedback on and observation of presentations

You receive a programme for each day, slides, an observations checklist for giving feedback on presentations, and a practical booklet that expands on the presentation advice given during the course. You also receive individual recordings of your presentations, including feedback

Teaching and learning methods
The workshop combines short lectures, presentation exercises, presentation analysis and feedback, and participants’ input from pair work and group discussions. Participants’ presentations, which are followed by rounds of constructive feedback, form a key part of this course.
There is a week’s gap between the two course days. This gives participants the opportunity to reflect on feedback and skills learned on the first day, and to build these into their presentations on day two.

Payment and cancellation - You or your employer must pay for the course!
Please note that participants are required to cover all costs pertaining to this course themselves. Participants must ensure that the financially responsible body (typically their department) accepts all costs before signing up for this course. This applies to all PhD students across all universities and departments.

Course fee:
The course fee is DKK 8,125. This includes VAT.
Applicants will be asked to provide invoicing information which will be used to collect the course fee.

The course fee will be charged in full if enrolment is cancelled 14 days or less before the course.

Communication consultants Mark Harvey Simpson, Ann Britt Donovan and Claus Adam Jarløv from the training and scientific communication consultancy GlobalDenmark.

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