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Finding and signing-up for courses

In the left hand menu there is a list of departments. Please click on the name of the particular department you are interested in to see a list of courses offered. You can also search for a specific course using the search tools in the right side panel.

If you want to sign-up for a course, click the "Enroll" button at the course page and follow the instructions. 

Managing your courses (Course Portfolio)

You can manage your course enrollments by logging into the course system.
Here you can see your course history, upcoming courses etc.
If necessary, you can also cancel registrations until enrollment deadline.

When logged into the system:

Use “My pages”  and choose "My Enrollments" in the top left-hand corner to manage your  course enrollments

If you have not been enrolled in one of our courses previously, you are not registered as a user. You will be registered as a user, when you sign up for your first course through the course catalogue. To log in and manage your course enrollments afterwards, use the directions above.  

Click the search button to search Courses.

Course calendar
See which courses you can attend and when

Publication of new courses
All planned PhD courses at the PhD School are visible in the course catalogue. Courses are published regularly.