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How to create a new course 

  1. Log on to the course system (see How to log on)
  2. Click "My Pages" in the upper left corner and choose "Create and Approve PhD courses"
  3. Click at the "+" sign at the top of the page to open the course creation template
  4. Fill in the required information
    If you have not yet decided when the course will be offered, you do not have to provide information in the date sections (start date, end date, enrolment deadline, paper/abstract deadline)
    Please note that 1 ECTS correspond to 25 hours of work, all inclusive
  5. Click on the box “Create” in the bottom of the template.  
  6. Click on the box “Submit for approval” An e-mail pops up. From the drop down list in the e-mail address – choose the person at your department who is authorized to submit your course application to the PhD school – and send the e-mail 
  7. The department handles your application. If approved, the department forwards your application to the PhD school for final approval. If not, you will be asked to change and/or modify the course description 
  8. The PhD school handles your application. If approved, the PhD school asks your department to announce the course in the PhD course catalogue. If not approved, you and your department will be asked to change and/or modify the course description before you re-submit the application 

Manage your courses

You can have a complete overview of the courses where you are registered as contact person or course leader. You can also have an overview of participants, their contact info, and a mailing list.

  1. Log on to the course system (see How to log on)
  2. Go to “My pages” in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Go to “Show ups” in the drop down menu.
  4. As course leader (lecturer), go to the tab “instructor” to manage your course(s).
  5. As contact person or course secretary, go to the tab “course secretary” to manage your course(s).
  6. As course organiser, go to the tab "course organiser" to  to manage your course(s)

Options while logged on 

  • Get an overview of participants for the course, by clicking on the number appearing under the headline “Attendees”. 
  • Email all participants by clicking on the envelope-icon in the right corner next to the Excel-logo. 
  • Download the list of participants by clicking on the Excel-logo in the right corner.

Important note
Please do not change the status of participants registered on courses without prior agreement with the Course Secretary. This is to ensure that the inter-university agreement on the open market is observed.

If you have any questions, please contact the PhD course secretary at your department.

Click the search button to search Courses.

Course calendar
See which courses you can attend and when

Publication of new courses
All planned PhD courses at the PhD School are visible in the course catalogue. Courses are published regularly.