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Introduction to University Pedagogy Team 1
Provider: Faculty of Science

Activity no.: 5616-23-08-14There are no available seats 
Enrollment deadline: 27/02/2023
PlaceInstitut for Naturfagenes Didaktik
Rådmandsgade 64, 2200 København N
Date and time20.03.2023, at: 09:00 - 24.03.2023, at: 16:00
Regular seats24
ECTS credits3.00
Contact personNadja Nordmaj    E-mail address: nnordmaj@ind.ku.dk
Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserKristine Cecile Harper    E-mail address: kch@ind.ku.dk

Aim and content

The course gives the participants capability to plan, carry out and evaluate their own teaching. Participants will experience various examples of teaching and use these to make informed decisions about their own teaching. Participants will also learn selected pedagogical principles.


The participants will be able to:
•Formulate clear and precise learning goals
•Use student activation in their lessons
•Engage students through problem based activities

One of the main activities of the course is a series 20-minute lesson exercises conducted by the participants. These lesson exercises are used as the basis for giving specific feedback to each participant as well as a vantage point to discuss general principals of teaching.

The course is passed based on active participation throughout the course.


The course is an intensive 5-day course, all within the same week.
Four days (Mon, Wed-Fri) with onsite elements from 09:00 - 16:00 all days and one day (Tue) with either onsite or online elements from 8:00-12:00 (the rest of the day is for reading and preparation.

You cannot take other courses at the same time.
Participants are expected to give a short lesson during the course and contribute to discussions and the exchange of ideas based on the other participants’ lessons.

Course weight


77 working hours (47 for preparation, and 30 for course).


DKK 4.500

Your registration is considered binding and the following rules apply:
3 weeks before the start of the course it is possible to cancel without having to pay participation fees.
If you cancel beyond this date or do not show up on the course you will be charged the full participation fee. Unless another participant are able to sign up for the course instead.

PhD-students and assistant professors/postdocs attending UP from SCIENCE will have their participation fees paid for by the Faculty, IF they pass the course.
IF they do not pass, participation fees will be send to the financially responsible body (typically the home institute).

PhD students from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are paid for through their Graduate School.

All other participants are required to cover any and all costs pertaining to this course themselves.

Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the financially responsible body (typically the home institute) accepts all costs before signing up for this.

You can only sign up for one course at a time, We reserve the right to unsubscribe if you sign up for more courses.

You must attend the first and last course day. Monday from 09:00 - 16:00. Friday from 09:00 - 16:00
You cannot miss more than 3 hours the rest of the course days and you will need to hand in a small assignment covering what you have missed out. The assignment will be given at the end of the course day with a deadline 14 days after this day.

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