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Research in Circumpolar areas: a method course of how to work with and among indigenous populations of the Arctic
Provider: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Activity no.: 3210-18-00-00 
Enrollment deadline: 08/07/2018
Date and time16.08.2018, at: 09:00 - 18.08.2018, at: 16:00
Regular seats15
Course fee3,720.00 kr.
LecturersAnders Koch
ECTS credits2.10
Enrolment Handling/Course OrganiserPhD administration     E-mail address: phdkursus@sund.ku.dk

Aim and content
This course is free of charge for PhD students at Danish universities (except Copenhagen Business School). All other participants must pay the course fee.
Anyone can apply for the course, but if you are not a PhD student, you will be placed on the waiting list for the course until enrollment deadline. After the deadline of enrollment, available seats will be allocated to students on the waiting list.

Learning objectives
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
1. Have insight into factors of particular relevance to carryning out research in circumpolar areas and with circumpolar populations in the North American Arctic, Greenland and Northern Scandinavia
2. Describe demographics and living conditions of circumpolar indigenous populations
3. Describe logistic factors and challenges related to carrying out health research in Circumpolar areas
4. Describe legal and ethical issues related to carrying out health research in Circumpolar areas
5. Describe diverse methods and approaches, including but not limited to participatory and community-engaged ones
6. Put one’s own research in the context of these factors and approaches

Doing research in Arctic areas among indigenous populations demands knowledge of living conditions of these populations, increasing diversity of methods and approaches, and logistical, legal and ethical conditions related to research. This course concerns such factors, particularly among aboriginal populations of the circumpolar North (Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, and Finland).
The overall aim of the course is to provide young researchers with knowledge of diverse research methods and research-related conditions in Circumpolar areas, so that the participants will better be able to carry out research in such areas, often in partnership with local community members.

The course immediately follows the 17th International Congress of Circumpolar Health (ICCH17) in Copenhagen (August 12 – 15). The PhD course is arranged in collaboration with the International Summer Course in Arctic Health of the University of Copenhagen and comprises the first three days of the Summer Course.

PhD students and other young health researchers working in circumpolar areas.
Course participants who do not have their course fee funded from their universities or from elsewhere, will have the possibility to participate in the International Congress on Circumpolar Health (ICCH2018, August 12-15, 2018) for free.
The number of such conference stipends is limited. Please contact Anders Koch, ArcticHealth@sund.ku.dk for more information. Note, the course fee is not waived only the conference fee.

Relevance to graduate programmes
The course is relevant to PhD students from the following graduate programmes at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH:

All graduate programmes
Public Health and Epidemiology
Clinical Research


English or Danish. Note that all courses have to be provided in English if required by non-Danish participants.

Lectures, group discussions and student presentations.

Course director
Anders Koch, MD, PhD, MPH, lecturer
School of Global Health
Institute of Public Health
University of Copenhagen

Peter Bjerregaard, professor, DMSc. University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen, senior advisor, PhD. University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
Rhonda Johnson, professor, DrPH, MPH, FNP. University of Alaska, Anchorage, USA.
Arja Rautio, professor, MD, PhD. University of Oulu, Finland.
Camilla Berggren, MD, MPH. University of Umeå, Sweden.
Birgitta Evengard, professor, MD, PhD, University of Umeå, Sweden
Mylene Riva, assistant professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Christopher Fletcher, full professor, Laval University, Québec City, Canada

Thursday August 16 – Saturday August 18, 2018

Course location
City Campus
Centre for Health and Society
University of Copenhagen

Please register before July 8, 2018

Note: All applicants are asked to submit invoice details in case of no-show, late cancellation or obligation to pay the course fee (typically non-PhD students). If you are a PhD student, your participation in the course must be in agreement with your principal supervisor.

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