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SFOK15011U Perinatal and early life epidemiology
Provider: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Activity no.: 9999-21-30-82
Enrollment deadline: 01/06/2021
Date and time25.10.2021, at: 00:00 - 13.12.2021, at: 00:00
Regular seats0
ECTS credits10.00

Aim and content

Note: this is a master level course offered by the Department of Public Health. You can find the full course description here

The course will also be open to PhD students. PhD students should apply as external students in order to obtain a slot in the course: https://healthsciences.ku.dk/education/student-mobility/guest-students/

After completion of the course, PhD students can apply for approval of the course and reimbursement of the course fee after applicable rules for approval of external courses. Please find more information on the Graduate School's website

This course is a 'tour de force' of the major topics in reproductive, perinatal and early life epidemiology from fertility to outcomes of birth and health during the first years of life.
The course focuses on methodological issues in studying reproductive and perinatal outcomes using epidemiologic study designs, while incorporating life course and global health perspectives. The course also critically reviews the literature on major reproductive, perinatal and early life health outcomes, and engages in current debates in the literature.

Learning Outcome
After completing the course the student is expected to:

•Have knowledge about the most frequent and most serious deviances from normal reproduction and early life.
•Read and appraise scientific literature regarding reproductive and early life health

•Communicate and present study findings to professional audiences
•Identify the most serious public health threats to healthy reproduction and infancy.

•Design, implement and assess data collection systems for public health research
•Appropriately interpret epidemiologic data within reproductive/early life epidemiology
•Write a proposal for a research project within the area of reproductive/early life epidemiology

Formal requirements
Passed course in Epidemiology SFOA09007U / SFOA09006E in the MSc in Public Health Science.

Recommended academic Qualifications
Knowledge of advanced epidemiology similar to the course in the MSc in Public Helth Science

Teaching and learning methods
Lectures mixed with problem-based learning in small groups.

Total: 275 hours

Feedback form
Continuous feedback during the course of the semester

Credit:10 ECTS
Type of assessment: Written assignment. The student is expected to develop a research project proposal within the area of perinatal/early life epidemiology during the course. The project proposal should be handed in few weeks after the teaching has come to an end.
Aid: All aids allowed
Marking scale: 7-point grading scale
Censorship form: No external censorship. One internal examiner

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