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How to apply for a course as a PhD student at UCPH

If you are not enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen, please follow these directions to log in:

  • The first time you apply for a course a profile will be created for you. Start by finding the course you want to apply for and enter your e-mail and then click “Next”.
  • If you have applied for courses before you start by start by clicking on the link ’Login for others’ at the top right-hand corner and then you can apply.
  • It is very important that you use the same email every time you apply for a course or log on.
  • If you do not know or cannot remember your password, click “Forgot password” in the bottom left-hand corner.


Note: Although there may appear to be vacant seats in the course catalogue, it is not a guarantee for acceptance on the course. These seats may already be reserved for other students according to the open market-agreement on PhD courses between Danish Universities.


Invoice details

When you apply you will be asked for your invoice details. This is only to ensure payment regarding our cancelation policy. Ask your place of employment to get the payment information you need.

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